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Learning and Development

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and have developed our own curriculum based on the journey
we want each family to take with us. 

Your child will be treated as the unique child that they are. Staff are trained and qualified to support your child's
learning, development and progress as it unfolds. We do this in a child-led, rich, playful environment that ignites joy
and curiosity as well as following children's particular interests.

We monitor children's progress as a team, ensuring that we are providing what each child needs to thrive. 

We communicate via parents for the first settling in month via WhatsApp. We send photos and updates during the
day to keep you informed and reassured that your child is enjoying their day.

Once children have settled well, the WhatsApp messages stop and parents are able to see what their child has been
up to in the private Facebook group for parents. This enables us to spend more time with children and less time on
phones updating each family - which as you can imagine is a full time job in itself!


Please take a look below to see what underpins our curriculum at Happycrew. 

Curriculum outline
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